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We are a family owned, sustainable seafood company, located in Newport, Oregon.

About us

Chelsea Rose Seafood is multi-generational family business.

Chelsea Rose Seafood is multi-generational family business offering fresh sustainable seafood including tuna, halibut, salmon, crab, ling cod & rock fish. All of our fish are hook and line caught which produces the highest quality seafood and also eliminates the catch of other types of fish.

We consider ourselves stewards of a precious resource and do our best to honor that responsibility. We’re a zero waste facility, utilizing the whole fish with skilled fillet work. We use any remaining fish to create our canned products.

Our canned fish are canned in their own natural juices. There’s no need to add water or oil. West Coast Albacore tuna has the high levels of omega-3 oils which come from the rich diet that migrating albacore find in cold Pacific Ocean waters. We don’t steam our tuna like a large commercial canneries do. All of the natural oils of the fish are preserved with our micro-canning method. We also use all natural smoke for our smoked fish products. You can buy our canned products at local events, shops, or online.

We think you’ll find that our seafood if the healthiest and best tasting around. 

The historic fishing vessel Chelsea Rose was built in 1907. It has been owned and operated since 2003 by Cody Chase. Both Cody and Cari come from long-standing fishing families.

Cody’s dad is the owner of the f/v Norma M and Cari’s dad owns the f/v Delma Ann. They also own the 42-foot commercial boat Monde Uni and the 20-foot Dory Miss Jenn.

Cody started out as a filleter on on the Pelican at age 13. He learned to filet from his mother who also filleted fish on the docks. As a young boy Cody would often sell crab he caught off the docks. He began fishing with his dad when he bought the Chelsea Rose at age 18 with a dream of starting something new.

Today you’ll find both Cody and Cari staying busy running their local business and caring for their family and community. 

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If you want to stock your pantry why not shop our canned products online? We have gift packs, mini cans, and cases.

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